2020 Officers
(Back Row – Left to Right) Lion Matt Rafa – VP, Lion Jan Ross – Membership Chair
(Front Row – Left to Right) Lion Julie Davis – Secretary, Lion Mary Ann Rafa – Treasurer, Lion Chris Doty – President
Ethical Standards and Conduct (Club Officer) <click arrow to open>

Ours is an association of service,and the manner in which the service is rendered is fully as important asthe service itself. Our members, your fellow club officers, your District Governor, the InternationalBoard of Directors, the Executive Officers, the Administrative Officers,the International Office staffand our communities expect honest and ethical conductfrom each of you every day. No act or requeston the part of Lions clubs and theirmembers, officers, board of directors or staff within our associationwith whom, or the community for whom, we render services can justify the breach of this guideline.Honest and ethical conduct is defined by four corevalues that serve as the foundation for our EthicalStandards

Integrity– Lions Clubs International insists on the highest standards of personal and professionalintegrity. We must all make everypossible effort to safeguard the association’s assets. We must alsocomply with all association policies and applicable laws.

Accountability– Lions Clubs International expects all club officers to honor commitments asauthorized and made on behalf ofthe association and take individual responsibility for all actions andoutcomes. It has no tolerance for ethical violations

Teamwork– Lions Clubs International seeks to maintain a service environment that encouragesinnovation, creativity and positive results through teamwork. We must all practice leadership to train,inspire and promote full participation and individual development for all Lions. We encourage open andeffective communication and interaction.

Excellence – Lions Clubs International is dedicated to fair treatment, mutual respect, diversity and trust. We must challenge each other to improve our services, our processes and ourselves. We must strive together to serve our membership and communities and help the association achieve its goals.

Your responsibilities begin with understanding of the core values and Ethical Standards of Lions Clubs International. Your role in the association demands an ongoing vigilance to maintain these standards of honest and ethical conduct. Lions Clubs International has adopted several policy statements that concern the association’s Ethical Standards, such as our Mission Statement, Code of Ethics, AntiDiscrimination Guidelines for Service Activities and Membership, Obligations of a Chartered Club, Use of Publicly Raised Funds, Rules of Audit, Conflict of Interest, Solicitation, and Privacy. The International Constitution and By-Laws, the Club Officer Manual and the International Board Policy Manual provide information about these policy statements and additional guidance in the areas of ethical standards and conduct. In many instances, ethical standards intersect legal requirements. If an ethical or legal compliance issue arises that raises a question in your mind, you have a responsibility to bring that issue to the attention of the appropriate International Board committee or International Office division (for example, the Finance and Headquarters Operation Committee reviews Conflict of Interest issues; the Constitution and By-Laws Committee and/or Legal Division review Legal issues). You may also bring ethical or legal concerns to the attention of your District Governor, the International Board of Directors, the Executive Officers, or the Administrative Officers of the association.

The core values of the Ethical Standards of Lions Clubs International, along with the policies of the International Board of Directors, provide a guide and framework to help you understand what is expected from you and to help you make good decisions. As they are not all inclusive, your good and best judgment is essential in doing the “right” and ethical thing. Please join us in continuing Lions Clubs’ tradition of honest and ethical practices in serving millions of people in need.

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