Even the best planning can’t predict a disaster.  Where there’s a need after a disaster, there’s a Lion!  Our club has helped Ohio County in times of need.


After The Disaster Boxes

House fires often result in being left with nothing but the clothes on your back, but there are tons of other necessities.  After the Disaster is a program focusing on helping victims of fire (and floods) by providing basic necessities at the scene.  These boxes are filled with kits to give to people with male and female hygeine products, gift cards to get a meal, and things to provide comfort during a trying time, like a stuffed animal for kids.  

WTOV9 coverage of our sponsorship

Ohio County Virtual Lions Club sponsored a box filled with 15+ kits to go to 4 volunteer fire departments: Clearview, Triadelphia, Valley Grove, and West Liberty.  These four volunteer fire departments respond to the majority of fire calls in Ohio County and have accepted the responsibility of giving these kits to families to help.

Additionally, with our specialty focus being to help kids, we sponsored an extra stuffed animal to go to each kid who has lost everything.  We hope this cuddly little Lion will help children know they are not along during this time of disaster.

Expect to see these Lions for sponsorship and/or purchase in the near future on our online store!

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Youth Services Systems Winter Freeze Shelter Towel Collection

In 2020, Youth Services Systems announced they would be running their Winter Freeze Shelter out of the old OVMC hospital; with the change in venue, came more opportunities like offering warm showers to overnight guests.  Ohio County Virtual Lions SPRUNG into action and started a campaign to collect towels to help fill the need of the shelter.  We set a lofty goal of 1000 towels, and thanks to the efforts of our club members and members of the Ohio County communities, we were able to collect OVER 1000 towels!  We are continuing to collect at any of our drop off locations as we anticipate the need continuing in Winter 2021-2022.

Thanks in part to Target at the Highlands, we were able to make our donations stretch farther. Five of our Lions stuffed animals were also donated to YSS.
From left to right: Marisa Scott from YSS (member), Jen Berdine (member), Mike Rafa (member), and Kevin Carroll (partner in service, Touch of Amish owner)

To make a donation to this project or any project, hit the donate link at the bottom of the page or contact us directly.