Are you a runner? Having trouble finding your motivation when all your favorite races have had to cancel? Let the Ohio County Virtual Lions help!

We are proud to offer the Ohio County Virtual Lions 5K Series, a series of 5 virtual races for each of the Lions 5 global causes:

Sight, Hunger, Environment, Diabetes, and Childhood Cancer.

Choose your cause you want to race.  You’ll complete the 5k – walk, run, or bike – report your time, and receive a medal.  Compete with your friends from across the country!  Your race fee will go directly to the cause you are racing in the form of a donation to a charity or to further a project for that cause.

Report your race time, dedicate your race time to someone special, and we’ll post the times and dedications (optional) on our website for each of the 5 race causes

Choose your race for $35 each, or compete in all 5 for $100 – a different medal for each race!

Report your race details below:

Keep active and do good for your community at the same time!